Marvel has announced two new Marvel Universe all-ages comic series tied to Disney XD animated series launching in November:  Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors and Marvel Universe Avengers Assemble Season Two.
Both series will be adapted by Joe Carmagna, with content based on Disney XD’s animated shows Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors and Marvel’s Avengers Assemble.  Both shows air on Sunday mornings, with Web Warriors premiering on August 31, and Avengers Assemble’s second season premiering on September 28.
Each issue will include bonus content, including new all-ages stories featuring characters from the shows.   Web Warriors #1 will see Spidey join up with Captain American for a daring raid on Dr. Doom’s fortress to recover Cap’s missing shield.  Avengers Assemble Season Two #1 will see Earths’ Mightiest Heroes battle Thanos of Titan, who has chased Red Skull to Earth.