Jim Schifeling of Acme Comics in Normal, Illinois watched the History Channel show on comics (see 'History Channel Promotes Pushes CSLS') and didn't like what he saw:


Please tell me what I am actually paying for?  I watched the History Channel special last night tell us that comic shops are on the way out and that book stores are going to be selling comics!  Oh and thanks for no Comic Shop Locator Service at the end.  Why did I promote this show to everyone that came into my store?  How many missed opportunities for the CSLS are there?  I never see it on Cartoon Network after the Justice League, never on Boomerang, never on any of these 'comic book movies' that dominate Hollywood right now.  How about ABC's Family Channel that runs superhero cartoons most of Saturday (not there either).  As a matter of fact, I only see the thing in my own comic shop.  Who is in charge of this and WHAT is my money being spent on, because it isn't getting spent in the right place.  Someone needs to step up and tell us what it is you do with our cash and who you are pushing the program to and why it is not in the obvious places.