Original The Walking Dead showrunner Frank Darabont, who sued AMC over the way it accounted for profits on the show (see "Showrunner Sues Over 'The Walking Dead'"), has been winning the arguments in court over what documents will be produced by the two sides, according to The Hollywood Reporter

So far, the judge has ruled that AMC must provide Darabont and his agents CAA its agreements for Mad Men and Breaking Bad, which will allow the Darabont side to determine whether or not AMC was pricing the deal between its production arm (in which Darabont shared profits) and the network unfairly, as alleged.  AMC had angrily objected to the request for those documents (see "'Walking Dead' Litigants Fight Over Access"), but the judge sided with Darabont.

AMC, on the other hand, had requested that CAA produce documents on deals for cable TV revenue sharing agreements that it has negotiated for other clients.  The judge has declined to order CAA to produce those documents, ruling that they are not relevant to the claim in the case.  AMC was back in court arguing again for the judge to compel CAA to produce those documents, but seems unlikely to prevail given the earlier ruling. 

AMC has also filed a motion requesting the judge to preclude the claims at the heart of the case, according to the report.