Right Stuf, Inc. has announced a new expanded distribution deal with Sunrise Inc. to release the Mobile Suit Gundam anime in North America.  The new agreement will include re-releases of classic out-of-print programming, as well as the first North American release of Turn A Gundam, Gundam ZZ and other series.
The property remains a potent force in North America.  Vertical Marketing Director Ed Chavez from Vertical recently told ICv2 that the Gundam manga titles were Vertical’s best-selling manga property in 2014.  The Mobile Suit Gundam manga, published by Vertical imprint in the US, currently ranks at #13 on the Top 25 Manga Properties chart (see "Top 25 Manga Properties--Spring 2014"). 

The original anime series is celebrating its 35th Anniversary in Japan this year, having spawned many manga, movies, video games and spin-off anime series from the original Mobile Suit Gundam series created by Yoshiyuki Tomino in 1979.