Cheeky Dingo Games will release a cooperative card game based on Wendy & Richard Pini’s epic fantasy ElfQuest in February 2015.
The ElfQuest Adventure Game, designed by Layman Kingsford, has players work their way through various scenarios and events from the original ElfQuest stories.  Game mechanics are based on resource management and dice rolls.  Each character has unique attributes, as well as a unique deck of cards representing their skills, items, demeanor and allies.
The box contains: 18 Character Cards (3 per character, representing their initial stats and first two "growth" stages), 64 Hand Cards (9 unique cards for each character plus 1 Boon card), 1 Father Tree Home Card, 5 Scenario cards, 54 Event Cards, 70 Effort/Growth tokens, 72 wooden "Attribute" cubes, an orange wood pawn, a 12-sided die and an 8-page rules booklet. The game is for 1-4 players.
The game was funded by Kickstarter in August, and raised $47,512 from 962 backers ($49.39/backer average).
Dark Horse recently began releasing new material and new editions of the classic ElfQuest comic material (see "'ElfQuest Gallery Edition'").