Marvel has announced an exclusive agreement with G. Willow Wilson, the writer of the bestselling Ms. Marvel (see “November BookScan--Top 20 Graphic Novels”). In addition to continuing her work on Ms. Marvel, Wilson will be penning the next story arc of the all-female team of mutants in X-Men, beginning with January’s X-Men #23.
“In the next couple of months, there are going to be big things happening for Ms. Marvel--tougher choices, bigger obstacles, more tension as her personal life and her role as Jersey City's own Super Hero come into conflict,” says Wilson. “And not to go spreading rumors, but a certain team-up that fans have been begging for may be in the works!”
Wilson’s past work includes the Eisner Award-nominated Air (see “Eisner Nominations Released”) and Mystic (see “The 2012 Eisner Award Nominees” ), as well as the graphic novel Cairo.
This is Marvel’s first exclusive announcement since “The All-New Young Guns” announcement in April (see “Marvel Announces 2014 'All-New Young Guns'”).