WizKids has announced organized play programs behind two more of its Dice Masters lines, Dungeons & Dragons and DC Comics, for 2015. 

DC Comics Dice Masters:  Trinity War Storyline Organized Play kicks off a five month program in March.  In the storyline, the Justice League struggles with other heroes on a path to understand “Trinity,” and to unlock the secrets of Pandora’s Box.  Each monthly kit contains ten Participation Cards, enough for ten players, and three prize cards; the final kit contains three grand prize cards with corresponding dice.  DC is launching its DC Dice Masters line the same month, in March (see "'DC Dice Masters Justice League Dice- Building Game'").

Monthly kits for D&D Dice Masters will launch in April.  Each will include five copies each of two limited edition Prize Cards, 20 limited Participation cards, and instruction sheet.  D&D Dice Masters was scheduled to launch in November with Battle of Faerun (see "'D&D Dice Masters'").