At the San Diego International Comic-Con Top Cow debuted its Countdown to Wednesday DVD, a behind-the-scenes look at how contemporary comic books are actually produced.  The 110-minute DVD has a suggested retail price of $19.99 and will ship to comic book stores nationwide on August 6.  Countdown to Wednesday takes the viewers into an actual production meeting at Top Cow Comics, the third largest comic book company in the country.  In addition to seeing where and how key decisions are made, the DVD also includes an inside look at being an intern and plenty of advice from industry professionals about how to break in to the industry.


Countdown to Wednesday also includes interviews with four major industry figures: Stan Lee, the driving force behind the creation of Marvel comics; Marc Silvestri,Top Cow founder and creator of Witchblade and Cyberforce; Paul Dini, the Emmy award-winning writer and producer of Batman Adventures; and Mark Waid, one of today's most popular and prolific comic book writers.  Stan Lee provides the historical perspective with his details of how things were done in the Golden and Silver ages, while the other three principals detail current conditions and industry practices.  Countdown to Wednesday is a very useful aid to anyone planning a career in comics and a revelation to those who want know how contemporary comics are produced.