In his Nocturnals comic book series, Dan Brereton has combined film noir visuals with assorted B movie monster characters in a beguiling blend that has just been adapted (by Brereton and game designer Chris Pramas) for adventure gaming in the Nocturnal sourcebook, which Green Ronin is publishing in October.  Nocturnals: A Midnight Companion ($29.95) is a 160-page full color, hardcover sourcebook for Green Ronin's d20 Mutants & Masterminds RPG.   The book includes a new 16-page full color Nocturnals comic (up from the originally announced 8 pages, see 'Green Ronin Gets Nocturnals') as well as full details on all the favorite Nocturnals characters including Doc Horror, Halloween Girl, Gunwitch, Polychrome, Starfish, Firelion, and the Raccoon.  With a striking cover painted by Brereton from a sketch by Alex Ross, the Nocturnals: A Midnight Companion should have a strong appeal to both gamers and fans of the Nocturnals comic book series. 


With three trade paperback volumes of the Nocturnals comics currently available from Oni Press, game retailers might want to stock the graphic novel collections along with the Nocturnals sourcebook to give gamers a chance to appreciate the bizarre and fascinating world that Brereton has created in Pacific City, the fictional setting of his noir/monster epic. Conversely comic retailers, even those who don't normally carry games, should consider bringing in Nocturnals: A Midnight Companion because of the new 16-page story and the wealth of background information on the characters and settings that the book provides.