Marvel's Q2 financials revealed some interesting details about the licensing of its key characters for movies and television.  Much of Marvel's recent success can be ascribed to its robust licensing program, so the progress of the various movies and TV series based on Marvel characters is of the utmost importance to its financial performance.  The biggest surprise from the Q2 financials is the announcement of a Blade animated series in development for MTV.  With Spider-Man already firmly ensconced on MTV, Blade appears to be an excellent follow-up. 


Marvel has four movie projects that are currently schedule for 2004, and now it appears that the Punisher, with a potential April release, could be the first Marvel film of 2004 (see 'The Punisher Starts Shooting'), followed by Spider-Man 2 on July 2, Blade 3 in August and the Fantastic Four in December, though the FF film could be delayed until 2005.  Other Marvel films in development include: X-Men 3 and Elektra at Fox, The Hulk 2 and Namor at Universal, Iron Man at New Line, Ghost Rider at Sony, and Deathlok at Paramount.  Conspicuous by its absence was Iron Fist, which was on previous Marvel lists, but which is currently languishing in developmental hell at Artisan.