A Lancaster, California retailer of comics, games, and sports cards shot and killed a burglar during a 3 a.m. break-in.  According to The Los Angeles Times, the unidentified owner of Bases, Cards, and Comics, which had already been twice victimized by thieves, was sleeping overnight in his back office when James Patrick Cassidy forced open the back door of the shop.  After grabbing his handgun, the storeowner encountered Cassidy, who raised a tire iron as if to strike.  The owner then fired once and struck Cassidy in the upper body at close range, according to investigating officer, Deputy Scott Butler. Cassidy was pronounced dead at the scene.


Detectives concluded that the shooting was justified, and no charges are expected to be pressed.  The shop owner, who was described as 'traumatized' by the incident, has been in the business for about ten years and has spent the last two months sleeping in his store 'pretty much every night' due to the earlier break-ins.