Back in the heady days of the early 1990s when speculation on comic books and trading cards was rampant, publishers couldn't print enough of the stuff, until the bloated markets clogged up with a vengeance.  Publishers were left with few options in dealing with tons of returned and unsold production.  One strategy was to ship the stuff overseas, where at least the items wouldn't be likely to return and further depress the reeling U.S. market.  The English trading card distributor and manufacturer Cards Inc. has come across one such shipment consisting of more than 700 pallets of Marvel/Fleer comics and trading cards.  Discovered a few weeks ago, the thousands of boxes of cards and comics are dust-covered, but pretty much intact.


Cards Inc. is now in the process of inventorying the giant motherlode of Marvel madness, and the company figures that it will be able to start offering the first items from the find for sale within the next 45 days.  The question is--after a decade has past, will there be any items that American collectors still want that aren't still available in closeout bins or online from dealers such as Mile High?  Time will tell what items Marvel deep-sixed on the continent and whether or not any of them will have any more value than when they were remaindered to oblivion ten years ago.