Inkworks' Hellboy movie trading cards will reach retailers on March 17, 2004 some sixteen days before the opening of the Hellboy movie on April 2.  The highly anticipated film, which is based on the Dark Horse comic book by Mike Mignola, was originally slated to open over the Memorial Day weekend, but its release date was moved to April 2, necessitating a change in the release of the Hellboy Movie Trading Cards (see 'Inkworks To Do Hellboy Movie Cards'). 


The roster for the Inkworks' Hellboy Movie Trading Cards is not yet set in stone, but it will include between 85-90 cards.  As is typical with Inkworks releases, the Hellboy card series will include autograph cards as well as piecework cards, which actually contain swatches of material from costumes worn on the set of the film.  And as is always the case with Inkworks releases, consumers will be able to assemble a complete regular set of the cards from a single box of Hellboy Movie Trading Cards.  Retailers will find wealth of other merchandise for the Hellboy movie including trades and comics from Dark Horse, and a superb line of action figures from Mezco (see 'Mezco Readies Hellboy Toys').