The Kids' WB! will air its first annual 'Turkey Surprise Day' on Saturday, November 29th.  Hosted by the Teen Titans, highlights include sneak peaks of shows to air in this 8 a.m. to noon time block in 2004, such as Astro Boy (see 'New Astro Boy Series on Kids WB in Early 2004') and the second season of MegaMan: NT Warrior.


The Teen Titans will host the show from the Titans Tower, view their home movies (including what they did for Thanksgiving), and air the antics of a prank playing seven-foot tall turkey.


The new Kids' WB! Saturday morning line-up (see 'Kids' WB Starts New Season November 1') will be modified on November 22nd, adding a second dose of Pokemon:  Advanced, with X-Men Evolution off the roster.