Sideshow Toys is producing a twelve-inch Hellboy figure, which will be released in April to coincide with the theatrical debut of Guillermo del Toro's film version of Mike Mignola's Hellboy comic book.  Sideshow will release two other figures from the film in May: Hellboy's amphibious sidekick, Abe Sapien, and his nemesis, Kroenen.  With suggested retail prices ranging from $45 (Hellboy) to $40 (Abe Sapien, Kroenen) the Sideshow figures are clearly intended for collectors. 


Sideshow's well-know penchant for detail and authenticity is obvious both in the sculpting of the figures and in the accuracy of the cloth costume that the Hellboy figure wears.  The hand-painted Hellboy figure with its red skin, umber eyes, and carefully manicured horn stumps positively reeks of authenticity.  Accessories include Hellboy's 'Good Samaritan,' its holster and a belt with several pouches.  Sideshow is producing an exclusive cigar-chomping version of Hellboy, which will only be available through the company's Web site.


Kroenen Figure

The supernatural Nazi assassin Kroenen figure, which arrives in May, comes with elaborately detailed armor, two removeable masks, and his unique bladed weapons.  With the addition of Sideshow's collector's figures retailers will find a wealth of Hellboy merchandise available when the film opens, including comics and graphic novels from Dark Horse, trading cards from Inkworks (see 'Hellboy Trading Cards Moved Up'), and action figures from Mezco.