The TV Shows on Web site is reporting that a DVD edition of the classic retro animated series, Voltron: Defender of the Universe, will be released in 2004 to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the cartoon series, which first aired on US TV in 1984.  Retailers should have plenty of Voltron merchandise available by the end of next year including comic books from Devil's Due, a new series of toys from Toynami (see 'Toynami Has Voltron License'), as well as DVDs of the original Voltron cartoons.  A new Voltron animated series is under development (see 'Fourth Voltron Series in the Works'), and if aired, it should help revive the property.   Other animated series from the 1980s including Transformers, GI Joe, and Battle of the Planets have spawned a string of successful comic book series, toys, and DVD compilations.  It appears that Voltron wants to join the party.