Tokyopop continues its aggressive pursuit of CEO Stuart Levy's goal of at least one volume of Tokyopop manga in every household in America.  Having created a strong sales base in American bookstores, the LA-based manga powerhouse has turned its attention to mass-market retailers, and its efforts are starting to bear fruit. 


Best Buy, the leading electronics chain, is putting Tokyopop endcaps in its book sections. 


Tokyopop is the first manga publisher to get its product into mega-merchant Wal-Mart with a 100-store test. 


Both the Fred Meyer chain of department stores and the Shopko chain are also testing Tokyopop titles in sizable numbers of their stores, and Tokyopop is also displaying its wares in the New England Stop and Shop supermarket chain. 


Tokyopop has also placed a number of translucent, 160-book display racks in the Sam Goody chain of record stores.