Trading card game publisher and distributor Upper Deck has joined forces with the Konami Corporation, creators of the Yu-Gi-Oh CCG, 4 Kids Entertainment, and Mirage Licensing to release Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles CCG: Turtles Unleashed to retail and hobby stores nationwide in February 2004. 


The TMNT Two-Player Starter Set will contain two 40-card decks, a rulebook and a game mat.  The Turtles Unleashed Booster Pack will contain a total of nine cards.  The entire set includes 55 common cards (8 per booster pack), and 100 Foil cards (1 per booster).  One (of ten) Super Rare Foil card will be randomly inserted in every six booster packs and one (of ten) Ultra Rare Foil card will be inserted in every 12 boosters.


The two-player Turtles Unleashed game allows opponents to engage in martial arts mayhem as they fight against the Turtles' arch nemesis, Shredder and the Foot Clan.  Players can create their own deck by combining various characters and martial arts moves to fight against their opponent utilizing various Attack, Event, Character, and Item cards.


Two more series of booster packs are planned for 2004.  The Swift as the Wind Booster set, which includes 100 new cards, is set for a May release, while the Still as the Forest Boosters, with another 100 all-new cards, will be released in September. The release of the Upper Deck TMNT CCG is just the latest step in the revival of this once potent property. The new TMNT animated series has helped the Saturday morning Fox Box increase it ratings during the current TV season.  Playmates has successfully brought back itsTMNT toy line, Dreamwave Productions is publishing a new TMNT comic, Fleer has the trading cards, and FUNimation has the DVDs.