Upper Deck Entertainment has announced the July release of The DC Comics CCG.  In creating The DC Comics CCG, Upper Deck will make use of DC's huge library of characters, though the cards will contain all original artwork by many of the biggest names in the industry rather than stock images.  The game will allow players to assume the identities of their favorite DC superheroes and villains as they wage head-to-head battles, but the game will be flexible enough to allow for multiplayer encounters with high-strategy gameplay and evolving game mechanics


The Upper Deck DC Comics CCG will be issued in starter sets (with two 40-card decks and everything needed to play the game) and in 14-card booster packs.  Upper Deck plans to issue several expansions per year, and to support the game with an extensive national organized play program. 


Upper Deck will also be issuing a Marvel CCG, which was originally scheduled for a November 2003 release (see 'Upper Deck Delays Marvel CCG Until Spring'), in the spring.  Both the Marvel and DC CCGs will feature the new Upper Deck 'VS.' game system.