Tim Simms from Worlds Collide in Oshawa, Ontario saw retailer Michael Tierney's comments on a comic rating system (see 'Michael Tierney of the Comic Book Store on Outsider #8'), which came in response to Outsiders #8 (see 'Outsiders #8 'Edgy'') and share Tierney's view that cover labeling is a good idea:


I wholeheartedly agree with Michael Tierny's comments regarding TAGing comics.  A rating system such as the one Tokyopop puts on their books (7+; 13+, etc) gives retailers and parents some idea of what the intended audience is for each book.  TAGing is not censorship, it's just a suggestion.


I don't have the time (or desire) to read every issue of every book that comes in the store.  Retailers need this information, and they need consistency within a title.  It does no good for one issue of a book to be for 'all ages,' and the next one to be for 'mature readers.'  If Marvel, for instance, wants to publish an Avengers story that does not have the same target audience as the usual run, they should publish it as a mini-series, or a one shot, properly labeled.  I know there are creators who are opposed to a rating system, but they aren't the ones who get yelled at if 'Little Johnny' buys something his parents deem inappropriate, and they don't get charged if the local authorities decide something is obscene.  This wonderful medium is finally getting some respect as a serious form of expression, and the equal of any other.  Let's not shoot ourselves in the foot by presenting ourselves as an irresponsible industry.


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