Gail Burt of Metropolis Comics in Downey, California saw the comments on Free Comic Book Day from Jay Bardyla of Happy Harbor on Free Comic Book Day (see 'Jay Bardyla of Happy Harbor Comics & Toys on FCBD Sponsors') and sent us this comment:


As Jay pointed out, the absence of Bongo comics will be yet another blow to an already grim-looking Free Comic Book Day.  For us, as for him, Simpsons and related comics are one of our top sellers, and it'll hurt not to be able to pump them on FCBD.  And about the date -- don't get me wrong -- my store will definitely participate, and we'll do all we can to do what we can with what we get.  Still I can't help feeling a sort of resignation to the fact that it just won't be like it has been in the past. 


I've polled a bunch of my regulars (and these are the people we count heavily on to get the word out, come and bring friends and relatives, etc.), and about 35% already have firm plans to be out of town that weekend.  I have to apply at least that figure to the rest of the public, and assume that many of the people who live in town will not be home that day -- so who am I left to reach out to?  Tourists or other visitors in town?  Frankly, part of my thrust on FCBD is to garner NEW repeat customers.  I don't really see much of that happening with this event if many of those who come for freebies are out-of-towners. 


You know, the amount of grumbling I hear on this subject leads me to wonder: are all the grumblers the ones who voted against this date to start with?  Or are they the people who actually voted for this date and now regret it?  The only thing certain is that we have foolishly tied an event that was supposed to be about comics to a movie -- and although it may be a comic-based movie, it's a movie.  One day there won't be a movie to hitch our star to.  I wish we'd had the courage to stand on our own two feet this year instead of doing what we did -- and possibly mucking up what could have been the best day of the year for comics for many years to come.


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