Moore Creations and Top Cow have joined forces once again to create a statue of Top Cow's sexy vampire-slaying heroine, Magdalena.  The figure will include an elaborate base, which will also serve as a backdrop for this very untraditional nun -- the kind of nun who, as Raymond Chandler once said, would make a bishop put his foot through a stained glass window.  Master sculptor Dene Mason is fashioning the likeness of the leggy vampire-snuffer, and judging from the early stage model (see illustration), this is going to be one ultra-hot piece of eye candy.  Of course it will have to go some to compete with Moore Creations' sculpted version of Top Cow's Witchblade.


Statues and busts have become key products in many pop culture stores.  Dollars from sales of these high ticket items add up quickly, and retailers don't face competition on these products from mass market retailers.  As the number of these high quality limited edition sculptures has grown over the past few years, many retailers are shifting from toys, where they often face stiff mass market competition, to items like the Magdalena Statue that are specifically geared to collectors.  The Magdalena Statue should ship to retail in October or November.