Mike Boze of HawgHead Comics in Fort Smith, Arkansas sent us this recent experience in competing with book superstores that offer reading areas:


I would like to point out an event that happened yesterday.  I had two high school age males in the store yesterday looking through the Magic: The Gathering commons and uncommons.  As they were preparing to leave, one of two asked me if a new Punisher was out.  I informed him that Punisher was a monthly comic and was out pretty regular.  His reply, and I quote, 'No that isn't what I mean, I'm not sure what they are called, but I go to Books-A-Million and read them and I was wondering when the new one was going to be out.'


I guess after he saw my look he just paid for his cards and left.  We all know this is a common practice.  I guess I was just shocked that he was so bold about it.  I just wish that the publishers really considered how good a policy this is (to invest so much effort into large chain stores) and how long before we really begin to see the effects of the long-term damage to the smaller comic shops.


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