Scheduling for the Cartoon Network must be more difficult than keeping track of a bucket of buckshot dropped on a table -- with all the new anime series available as well as the increasingly anime-like domestic efforts like Megas XLR, a real logjam has developed at anime's primary TV venue in the U.S.  The latest schedule shift involves the Rave Master anime series, which was originally scheduled to debut on the Cartoon Network on May 1 (see 'Rave Master Debuts on the Cartoon Network May 1'), but which will now make its first appearance on Saturday, June 5.  Plans still call for Rave Master to get a daily afternoon slot during August, but stayed tuned for possible changes.


The Rave Master manga series from Tokyopop has done very well, and Hasbro is preparing a line of Rave Master toys and games (see 'Hasbro Mixes Old and New for 2004').