Decipher has announced its first extended retail promotion for the .hack//ENEMY CCG.  The four-week program, which starts on June 21, offers four cards with remarkable collectible and gameplay value.  The four 'Queen' characters are identified by the traditional card suits and were characters in one episode of the .hack//SIGN anime series. What makes these four cards special is their rule-breaking ability to allow the last Queen, Spades, to play as a fourth PC.  While each individual card alone is valuable for its gameplay and collectible nature, as a set, its value is enhanced greatly.


The Four Queens will be given out to players who purchase $10 or more of .hack//ENEMY CCG product, one card per week for four weeks starting on June 21, 2004.  Hobby retailers will be able to order the promotional kits (containing the cards) through their authorized Decipher distributor while supplies last.