The Cartoon Network has announced that, in partnership with Lucasfilm Ltd., it will produce sixty additional minutes of Clone Wars animation.  The first twelve-minute episode in the new series will debut on the Cartoon Network on March 21, 2005, and will help pave the way for the release of Star Wars: Episode III on May 19, 2005.  The five 12-minute episodes in the new series will provide viewers with additional background information concerning, General Grievous, the leader of the Separatist Armies and chief 'villain' of Episode 3, who debuted in the first series of Clone Wars animated shorts (the ten episodes in the first series were just 3 minutes long).


As was the case for the first series of Clone Wars cartoons, Genndy Tartakovsky (Samurai Jack) will direct and the series will be produced at the Cartoon Network Studios.  The five 12-minute episodes will air on the Cartoon Network (with limited commercial interruptions) from March 21 to March 25, 2005.