Upper Deck Entertainment has announced an all inclusive, league-in-a-box Hobby League program, which will be offered exclusively to hobby and gaming stores.  The box includes promotional cards, full color posters, scorecards, prize cards, gameplay information and enough game materials for one month of league play.  The first Hobby League Kit, which supports the Vs. System and features the Marvel Origins set, will be available to order in July for an August 1 launch date.  Upper Deck plans to offer Hobby League programs for all of its major trading card games.


The UDE Hobby League is designed for storeowners and players who are new to UDE's organized play programs, as well as for veterans of in-store gaming.  


The Hobby League program provides players with the opportunity to win unique cards as well as X-Box and Playstation 2 game systems, Alienware computers, and iPods.  Retailers who organize Hobby League tournaments are also eligible to win prizes including a $10,000 store renovation from Home Depot.