Anime on DVD is reporting that the Japanese all-star manga collective known as Clamp is working on a project for Marvel Comics.  The information was posted on a manga forum and didn't receive too much attention until it was discovered that the person who posted the message was C. B. Cebulski, the former manga publisher turned Marvel editor.  Cebulski did not reveal any information about the project except to say that it involved a character that most people wouldn't tend to associate with Clamp.


The 3-member Clamp collective has been very successful in Japan, where the Clamp team spiked their shoujo sagas with liberal doses of fantasy, adventure, and mythology.  One of Clamp's most recent productions, Tsubasa, is currently a top five title in both Japan and the U.S., and it is not unknown for Clamp to have 3 or more titles in the Japanese Top Ten.  While Marvel initially pioneered among U.S. publishers with manga-versions of some of its key characters, DC Comics leapt in front of Marvel in the manga derby by announcing its CMX manga line (see 'DC Launches Manga Imprint') in February.  Marvel's Clamp project should at least keep the U.S.'s highest profile comic publisher in the race.