WizKids LLC, the company that created the collectible miniatures game category, has announced the postponement of the Lord of the Rings Constructible Strategy Game, which was originally slated to ship to retailers in October (see 'WizKids Gets Lord of the Rings License').  Unlike collectible miniatures games (CMGs), which include pre-painted miniature figures, the constructible strategy games booster packs include styrene cards, pieces of which can be punched out and fitted together to create markers for ships, weapons, locations etc.  WizKid's first constructible strategy game, Pirates of the Spanish Main, launches this July (see 'WizKids Plans Pirate Game'), and the postponement of the LOTR CSG will allow WizKids to concentrate supporting the company's first CSG (Pirates) and to continue development of the 'Epic Battle System,' which will allow for thousands of various units, war machines and heroes to clash on the battle field.


When queried by ICv2 about the length of the postponement of the LOTR CSG, a WizKids' spokesman told ICv2 that the LOTR CSG has been postponed indefinitely, indicating that the company is primarily concerned at this time with establishing and perfecting this new category of tabletop games.