Devil's Due Publishing Inc. has issued a press release detailing its agreement with the Dabel Brothers studio and asserting that 'Devil's Due has lived up to its obligations,' and that the, '...Dabel Brothers studio does not have the legal right to unilaterally terminate the existing contract.'


On June 28 the Dabel Brothers announced that the studio was leaving Devil's Due (see 'Dabel Brothers Ankle Devil's Due'), but, judging by Devil's Due response, breaking the agreement may not be a simple matter.


In its response to the Dabel Brothers, Devil's Due quoted various portions of its agreement with the Dabel Brothers including a provision that gives Devil's Due 'the right to publish Dabel Brothers' licensed titles including Hedge Knight, Dragonlance, and all other licensed properties through December 31, 2007.' 


Devil's Due's response also alleges that the publisher has 'advanced substantial funds to Dabel Brothers for the payment of artists and authors who have contributed to the creation of a number of titles including Hedge Knight, Dragonlance and others... and put substantial time and effort into publishing and marketing the books.'


According to Devil's Due, the Dabel Brothers approached the publisher within the last month with the idea of renegotiating the initial contract.  When Devil's Due refused to alter the original contract, the Dabel Brothers put out the press release announcing the termination of the relationship between the studio and Devil's Due. 


In its response to the Dabel Brothers, Devil's Due indicated that it hoped that 'the parties will be able to resolve this unfortunate misunderstanding.'  Devil's Due announced that until the dispute is resolved it is putting all joint Devil's Due/Dabel Brothers projects on hold, but will continue to sell books from Dabel Brothers projects which have already been produced.