Burlyman Comics has announced that it will release a second volume of comics based on The Matrix in November.  The 160-page full color trade paperback will have a cover price of $21.95 and will include material from the Matrix Web comics as well as new material created specifically for this volume. 


The first collection of Matrix comics came out a year ago (see 'The Matrix Comics in Mid-October') and proved to be a strong seller.  The second volume of Matrix comics will include stories that have appeared on the Matrix Website, but none of the material in Vol. #2 has been in print before. 


In addition, the second volume will contain several new stories, one of which takes place after the third Matrix film and includes many of the main characters from the film. Kaare Andrews, who provided the back cover image of Trinity for the first Matrix trade (and who is preparing a Neo design for Volume #2), will illustrate this groundbreaking story.  The first volume of Matrix Comics is available now and should remain so through the upcoming holiday season.