Two additional products have been announced that will add to the considerable throw-weight of the Ghost in the Shell property this year.  Manga Entertainment has announced a December release date for the Special Edition DVD of the first Ghost in the Shell movie, originally released in 1996.  The title has sold over 1 million DVD and VHS units since its release in the U.S.; it was first anime video to reach Billboard's #1 video slot at the time of its release.  The Ghost in the Shell Special Edition DVD will have additional features, including enhanced audio/visual and language options.  


The Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Playstation 2 game, a '3rd person shooter,'  will be released in the U.S. in November by Bandai America. 


The new DVD edition of the original movie and the PS2 GITS: SAC game are only two parts of a major series of Ghost in the Shell events this fall. 


Manga and Bandai have begun jointly releasing the seven-volume Ghost in the Shell:  Stand Alone Complex anime series; the second volume is due out this month (see 'Ghost in the Shell:  Stand Alone Complex DVD Release Details'). 


The movie sequel, Ghost in the Shell 2:  Innocence, is going into wide release (for an anime feature) this month, behind a substantial television ad campaign (see 'TV Campaign for GITS 2:  Innocence'). 


In October, Dark Horse will release the Ghost in the Shell 2nd Edition graphic novel (see 'Dark Horse To Publish Uncut Ghost in the Shell').


And in November, Ghost in the Shell:  Stand Alone Complex will begin airing on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim programming block (see 'Stand Alone Complex in November').