The first episode of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, which aired in the Adult Swim block on Cartoon Network on Saturday, November 6th, had big ratings on both absolute and relative scales.  It ranked #1 against all other ad-supported cable among persons and males 12-34.  It also improved against the same time slot he previous week, by percentages of 30%-93%, depending on the age group, for both males and females; and by percentages of 90%-294%, depending on the age group, for males. 


This is great exposure for the property, which has also had a theatrical release and a wide range of product releases either before or shortly after this premiere (series DVDs from Manga/Bandai, movie DVDs, a graphic novel from Dark Horse, and a PS2 game, see 'Special Edition DVD And PS2 Game Add to GITS Throw Weight').