British writer/editor John Freeman saw the news of Will Eisner's death (see 'In Memoriam: Will Eisner') and sent us his thoughts:


I am very sorry to hear about the death of Will Eisner.  He has been one of my favourite -- if not all time favourite -- creators for many years, from the day I discovered a numbered hardback copy of a A Contract with God at a Comics Fair in Liverpool, England sometime in the early 1980s.


His storytelling has influenced my own, I hope, and I was delighted to finally meet and chat with Will at the Raptus comics festival in Norway two years ago.  I played a small part in getting him to the event and must say that as a comics and magazines editor for 20 years, this was the first time I was at first overawed at the prospect of meeting such a talent.  When he phoned me just before the Festival, to talk about some issues he had, I was gob-smacked.


I needn't have been so shy.


Will kindly fronted a comic creator session to discuss comics with fellow professionals, with writers, artists and comic sellers from all over Europe present.


Throughout the talk he treated everyone as equals, even though many of us could make no such claim, suggesting ideas, responding to new ideas for comics distribution, and following up on some thoughts raised.  We discussed ideas for getting comics on mobile phones later in the day, and it was clear he was still open to new ways of storytelling and comics distribution even after so long in the often chaotic comics business.


I will miss waiting eagerly for Will's latest work.  I will never forget this unassuming man who made even the youngest comics creator in the room at that festival feel valued and listened to.


Will was an enormous talent whose creative energy will be much missed by many of us in the comics industry he did so much to help create.