Yukiru Sugisaki's D.N.Angel Vol. #6, published by Tokyopop, topped the BookScan list of best-selling graphic novels in bookstores for the week ending February 13th.  Viz had six of the top ten titles including: Rurouni Kenshin Vol. 11 at #2, Yu Yu Hakusho Vol. 6 (at #6), Bleach Vol. 5 (at #7), Yu-Gi-Oh! Vol. 1: Duelist (at #8), Wolf's Rain Vol. 2 (at #9) and Angel Sanctuary Vol. 6 (at #10). 


The ultra-successful female manga-ka supergroup Clamp had two titles in the top 10, Tsubasa Vol. 4, published by Del Rey, at #3 and Legal Drug Vol. 2 (from Tokyopop) at #5.  The shonen-ai (literally 'boy love') title Gravitation Vol. 10, published by Tokyopop, reached number four (its highest position ever) demonstrating that Maki Murakami's series is gaining in popularity. Kentaro Miura's Berserk manga (from Dark Horse) also appears to be gaining momentum -- Vol. 6 shot up to 15th place in just its second week in the stores.


Several new series are demonstrating considerable sales potential: Tokyopop's Alichino Vol. 1 reached #13 in its second week of release, and Hands Off, also from Tokyopop, reached #19 in its second full frame. 


The top Korean manga title was Tokyopop's Kill Me Kiss Me Vol. 5, which shot up to #16, while the top non-manga release was Andy Riley's perennially popular Book of Bunny Suicides, which landed at #17.   The top American manga was Fred Gallagher's Megatokyo Vol. 3 (Dark Horse), which came in at #38 in its first week of sale (look for it to climb in subsequent weeks).  There were only two non-manga titles in the top 50, the Book of Bunny Suicides and Joss Whedon's Astonishing X-Men Vol.1, which landed at number 41.


So far in 2005 the best-selling book is Viz's Rurouni Kenshin Vol. 10, followed by Kenshin Vol. 11, Tsubasa Vol.4, and Negima Vol. 4 (Negima actually launched in December of 2004 and may well have sold the most volumes of any of these titles, though not in 2005).