Viz has scheduled the release of InuYasha the Movie 3:  Swords of an Honorable Ruler for September 6th.  MSRP will be $24.98.


InuYasha the Movie:  Affections Across Time, the first release, was the second best-selling anime DVD of 2004, and sold over 100,000 copies, according to Viz.  It premiered at San Diego last year (see 'InuYasha Movie to Debut in San Diego'), and was supported by an ad campaign (see 'Viz Plans TV Campaign for InuYasha Movie').  It sold well early (see 'InuYasha Movie a DVD Bestseller'), but has now far surpassed those early numbers. 


And InuYasha the Movie 2:  The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass, released December 28th, has also sold over 100,000 copies, making it the second best-selling anime DVD of 2005 to date. 


Viz has also revealed that it sold over 500,000 InuYasha manga volumes in 2004, which it says makes it the number one manga series of the year.  That is probably the case, as the length of the series (there have been 21 volumes released to date) and the sales per volume make it a tough brand to beat. 


There's a lot of other activity on the brand as well, with a major event for the Score TCG (see 'Rumiko Takahashi Autograph Cards'), a recently announced mobile game, good ratings on Adult Swim, and a videogame series from Bandai (see 'InuYasha Promo Card in Videogame').