White Wolf Publishing and Guardians of Order are joining forces to publish the A Game of Thrones Roleplaying Game based on the A Song of Ice and Fire fantasy novel series by George R.R. Martin.  White Wolf will publish and distribute the game under its Sword & Sorcery imprint, while Guardians of Order will be in charge of creation and design. The A Game of Thrones RPG will be available in hobby and bookstores in the fall of 2005 in time for the release of A Feast for Crows, the fourth volume in Martin's series.


The new RPG will be available in two different editions, a deluxe 576-page Limited Edition (msrp $99.95) in September and 496-page Standard Edition ($49.95) in October. Both editions will be printed in full color on premium quality paper with high quality hardcover bindings and a poster-size color pull-out map of the continent of Westeros.  The Standard Edition includes full rules for playing A Game of Thrones under the Open Gaming License (using the 'd20' game mechanics developed for Dungeons & Dragons).  The Deluxe Edition includes two distinct gaming systems, the same rules as the standard edition and Guardians of Order's popular Tri-Stat System.  The Deluxe Edition also includes an abundance of upgraded features such as a foil-embossed leatherette cover, a dust jacket with art by Mike S. Miller (artist on The Hedge Knight graphic novel), an oversized cloth bookmark, silver gilding on all the edges and an exclusive interview with George R.R. Martin.  White Wolf is re-soliciting the Deluxe Edition in both the book and hobby trades.