Neon Genesis Evangelion will be shown on Adult Swim in the coming months; start date has yet to be determined.   The 26-episode series, which originally ran in Japan in 1995-1996, is both immensely popular and influential; the Adult Swim exposure will only expand its audience. 


NGE is one of the top-selling series of all time for ADV, which recently re-released the series on eight DVDs in a Platinum Edition.  ADV is also releasing a history of Studio Gainax, which produced the series.  The Notenki Memoirs:  Studio Gainax and the Men Who Created Evangelion will be released this month.  Viz has the manga (based on the anime); Bandai and Kaiyodo (among others) have toys.


ADV will also have two series on Showtime by the end of summer:  Chrono Crusade and Peacemaker.  Both are 24-episode series being released on DVD in the States this year.  Chrono Crusade in particular has performed quite well, with the anime hitting #21 on the most recent ICv2 Top 25 Anime Properties and the manga at #38, up six slots on the most recent ICv2 Top 50 Manga Properties.