At the San Diego Comic-Con International, Viz Media announced four new manga series, Black Cat, Claymore, D.Gray-Man and Bobobo-Bo-Bobo, all of which have appeared in Shonen Jump and are published in Japan by Shueisha.  Viz has not provided any release dates for the four titles, but the company did announce that it has acquired the rights to the four series and will publish them in English, presumably under its Shonen Jump imprint.


All four new series should appeal to the primarily male audience that has made other Shonen Jump series such as Rurouni Kenshin and Bleach hits.  Bobobo-Bo-Bobo will have the advantage of an anime series with exposure on the Cartoon Network, which should start in the fourth quarter.  The comedy/adventure Bobobo-Bo-Bobo manga has already reached 13 volumes in Japan.


D.Gray-Man by Hoshino Katsura is a gothic, occult adventure set in an alternate 19th Century that should find an audience among fans of supernatural horror series.  The protagonist of D.Gray-Man is Allen Walker, an exorcist who is part of the Dark Religious Organization (aka the 'Black Priests'), whose mission is to stop the Millenium Earl, an evil demon bent on destroying mankind.  The ongoing D.Gray-Man manga series has reached volume 5 in Japan.


Kentaro Yabuki's Black Cat manga is a 20-volume series about a tough guy hero who drops out of a super secret assassination society and becomes a bounty hunter.  Fans of Trigun should enjoy the Black Cat series as well as Yagi Norihiro's Claymore.  The 'Claymores' are half-human warriors who pursue the monsters that ravage the countryside in this bloody saga, which has reached 8 volumes so far in Japan.