Viz Media, LLC., the San Francisco-based anime and manga publishing powerhouse, has announced a partnership with the World Bank to create and distribute 1 World Manga, an innovative new series that will address key global issues such as poverty, HIV/AIDS, and the environment.  The World Bank will donate copies of the new manga to libraries around the world and Viz Media will give all proceeds from the sales of 1 World Manga to several noteworthy charities.


The first three volumes of 1 World Manga focus on poverty, HIV/AIDS, and the environment and use the narrative power of manga to educate readers on these difficult global tasks.  The central character in the series is an orphaned teenager, Rei, who dreams of becoming the greatest fighter in the world.  Although initially self-centered Rei learns (with the help of his spirit guide who can take the form of various animals) not to walk away from those in need, even if helping the less fortunate is not a simple and painless process.