The ratings are in for the first week of the new TV season (for at least 3 of the networks) and the Kids' WB maintained its Saturday morning dominance among over-the-air broadcasters.  The new series Coconut Fred garnered the highest ratings with a 3.6 (and a 15 share), followed by Xiaolin Showdown's 3.3 (with a 14 share), and Pokemon and Loonatics with each grabbing a 13 share.  The Batman had a 2.4 rating and a 12 share.


ABC came in second overall followed by the 4Kids TV block on Fox, which did not premier its new shows last weekend.  Mew Mew Power was the top-rated show on 4Kids TV with a 1.7 rating (and a 9 share).  Mew Mew Power beat out the ABC series in its timeslot as did another anime series, One Piece, which earned a 1.1 rating (and a 5 share).  G.I. Joe had a .9 rating with a 4 share.