Zoom Suit #1, which will be solicited in the February Previews and ship in April, will be sold to retailers at 75% off its $2.95 cover price.  Publisher Superverse will also be sending copies of a Team Zoom Edition of the book to retailers to enable them to see the book before ordering.   


Superverse is the company of John Taddeo, the former Marvel and Big Entertainment staffer who bid on both the Valiant (see 'Taddeo Bids on Valiant') and CrossGen (see 'CrossGen Gets $500k Offer') intellectual property assets.   


The comic is based on an 11-minute Flash short, widely shown on the festival circuit, including the San Diego Comic-Con Film Festival. 


The comic will contain 36 story pages between a cardstock cover, along with MetalFX technology, a printing process usually used only on high end product packaging.