A sharp-eyed reader who had been doing his own analysis of our Top 100 Graphic Novel numbers let us know that our numbers did not agree with his for the year over year comparisons for December and full year 2005, and in reviewing the source of the differences, we discovered that we'd made a mistake in our calculations on the graphic novel year-over year growth rate in comic stores for seven months of 2005: May through August, and October through December.  Specifically, we overstated the growth rate of the graphic novel portion of the comic market for those months, and for the quarters and year that contained them.  We also overstated the growth rate of the graphic novel market for September 2004 over September 2003.  The source of our error was related to a change in Diamond's reporting on its top graphic novel sales in early 2004. 


While the over-all thrust of our 2005 analysis, that graphic novel sales growth outpaced that of comic periodicals, remains correct, the size of the difference was much smaller than we previously reported.  Graphic novel year over year changes for individual months varied significantly in amount, and in some cases in direction, from what we originally reported.  We apologize for the error. 


We've corrected our reporting in the following articles:


December 2005

2005 Graphic Novel Sales in Comic Stores Up 10%


November 2005

Graphic Novels Drive Growth in November


October 2005

Comic Sales Rise in October


September 2005 (for quarterly analysis)

Comic Sales Down in September


First Half Analysis

Graphic Novels Drove First Half Growth


August 2005

Comic Sales Up 13% in August


July 2005

July Comic Sales Up 6%


June 2005

Comics and Graphic Novels Both Up Double Digits

May 2005

Graphic Novels Can't Keep Dollars Growing in May


December 2004 (discussing full year comparisons)

December Comic Dollars Up 7%


September 2004

Comics and Graphic Novels Up 5% in September