CMX, the manga imprint of DC Comics, has announced the acquisition of Fred Gallagher's Web-based Megatokyo manga.  In 2003 Gallagher moved his creation from Studio IC to Dark Horse (see 'It's Official: Megatokyo to Dark Horse').  CMX plans to publish Megatokyo Vol. 4 in June. Megatokyo will be the first OEL (original English language) title in the CMX lineup. 


Until it was nosed out (barely) by Tokyopop's Warcraft in 2005, Megatokyo was hands down the most popular OEL manga series ever released in the U.S., and it was ranked at #13 among Top Manga Properties in the most recent issue of ICv2's Retailers Guide to Anime/Manga.  No other CMX title made the list so it is clear that DC has acquired a capstone for its CMX line with Megatokyo.


Megatokyo, Vol. 4, which arrives in June, will present for the first time chapters five and six from the on-going Web comic plus additional bonus material, including an expanded version of the short story, 'Circuitry.'