Tokyopop will publish its first volume of Star Trek manga, an anthology of five stories set in the timeframe of the original Star Trek series (referred to by fans as 'TOS'), in September.  The Tokyopop offering (which was originally announced as taking place in the Next Generation era) will be part of the 40th anniversary celebration of the first appearance of the original Star Trek series on TV.  A host of creators are involved in the Star Trek manga project including Chris Dows, Gregory Johnson, Jeon-Mo Yang, Jim Alexander, Joshua Ortega, Michael Shelfer, Mike Barr and Rob Tokar.


The 192-page volume (MSRP $9.99) carries an age rating of 13+ and the five stories include a tale of the last survivors of a gender war who live on as spirits in machinery and take control of the Enterprise, the story of a dying race that unwittingly creates the ultimate resistance to disease, the ironic saga of a small colony trying to cheat death by uploading its collective consciousness to a satellite, a very manga-esque narrative about a group of teen warrior-robot pilots who turn to pillaging out of boredom, and the chronicle of failed diplomatic efforts between two warring planets exchanging peace offerings, one of which turns deadly, via the Enterprise.