SOTA Toys will release a 1,000 set limited edition Spider-Man Pewter Chess Set this August.  Sporting an MSRP of $499.99, the board should appeal to collectors with its detailed figures.

With the release, players can take on the role of many of their favorite superheroes.  SOTA chose an even mix of Spidey's greatest friends and foes. Adding to the Spider-man feel, the board is designed to look like a battle waged on a rooftop.

Combining chess and licenses is not something new to SOTA, they're currently prepping the release of an Aliens chess set to complement their Alien vs. Predator chess set (see 'New Aliens Chess Set').

Fighting on the side of good are:
Spider-Man (King)
Symbiote Spider-Man (Queen)
The Punisher (Knight)
Moon Knight (Knight)
Daredevil (Bishop) Black Cat (Bishop)
Cloak & Dagger (Bishop)
Blade (Rook)
Spider Tracers (Pawns)

Good  must overcome the stable of villains including:
Green Goblin (King)
Doctor Octopus (Queen)
Scorpion (Knight)
Sandman (Knight)
Electro (Bishop)
Lizard (Bishop)
Venom (Rook)
Rhino (Rook)
Spider Slayers (pawns)

At this time, it's uncertain how use of Spider-sense might affect play.