Devil's Due has announced that it has acquired the rights to produce comics based on the venerable Micronauts toy property, which will be published by Image beginning in April 2002.  Micronauts comics were last published by Marvel, beginning in 1979 and ending in 1986.  The creative team has not yet been announced.  The new series will use toy-based characters (Acroyear, Baron Karza, etc.), but not the characters created by Marvel (Marionette, Bug, Commander Rann).  Now if only someone would get the rights to reprint those great Marvel issues by Golden, Guice, Kane, and others (there's even a Miller cover in the bunch), it would be Micronauts heaven. 


This marks the second retro toy/comic property being done by Devil's Due.  The highly successful G.I. Joe relaunch, which sold 130,000 of its first issue (see 'G.I. Joe Sales') is being expanded.  Plans are to take the book monthly beginning with #5.  There will also be a new three-shot, 48-page prestige format series titled G.I. Joe:  Battlefiles, beginning in April 2002.  This will be a who's who of the Joes, with issue one focusing on the Joes, issue two on Cobra, and issue 3 on vehicles and tech.  And in February, Image will publish G.I. Joe:  MIA, a 48-page one-shot reprinting the sold-out first two issues of the regular series.