In spite of a 5% decline in sales of graphic novels in September, strong gains in July (25%) and August (35%) resulted in an 18% gain in graphic novel sales for the third quarter of 2006 versus the same period in 2005.  Sales of periodical comics were also up strongly for the quarter registering an 11% gain over the previous year.


For the quarter overall sales of graphic novels and comics were up over 12% versus Q3 in 2005.  That's around average for the year, with a 13% growth rate in Q2 and an 11% growth rate in Q1.  Q3 was the first quarter this year with graphic novel growth; periodicals drove the category upward in the first half. 


In September comics was the stronger category posting a 5% gain, while graphic novels suffered a 5% decline leading to a year-over-year gain of 4% in overall sales of comics and graphic novels for the month.   


With five Civil War titles and four issues of DC's 52 in the top 25, event comics continued to drive periodical sales, while Brian K. Vaughan's Pride of Baghdad hardcover (DC) and Robert Kirkman's Walking Dead trade paperback (Image) were far and away the best-selling graphic novel titles in September.

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