Ashley J. Williams had better watch out -- a horde of Marvel Zombies is out to get him in the 5-part limited series due out from Marvel Comics and Dynamite Entertainment this March.  Marvel's Robert Kirkman is acting as a creative consultant on this project, but Dynamite is putting together the talent for this crossover project (Marvel's first multi-issue inter-company crossover event since 2003's JLA/Avengers).  John Layman is writing the series while Fabiano Neves and June Chung are providing the interior art.  Arthur Suydam, whose painted covers helped make the Marvel Zombies series such a hit, will also provide the cover art for the new series, which Marvel is soliciting.


The Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness series will function as a prequel to the action that took place in the Marvel Zombies saga.  Robert Kirkman is also writing a 48-page one-shot Marvel Zombies prequel, Marvel Zombies: Dead Days (spring 2007), and (no surprise given the success of Kirkman's Marvel Zombies and Walking Dead) a sequel, Marvel Zombies 2 (late 2007).