New products dominated the Top 10 Cool lists this month, as strong new releases timed for the holidays pushed aside older ones.  For a product to survive on the Top 10 Cool lists from October to November, it had to be really special, so those that did are notable.  We talked last month about the strength of the Simpsons (see 'Simpsons Tops in October'), and two of the five products that carried over from November were Simpsons products (DVD set and toys). 


Toys, Models, and Statues

The usual suspects dominated the top of this month's toy list, with DC, Bowen, and Moore holding the top six slots.  At #7, the Simpsons Radioactive Man and Fallout Boy figure set stayed in the Top 10 this month as a holdover from October, a rare occurrence on the toy list.  A McFarlane anime set and Reservoir Dog figures from Palisades round out the top 10.  See 'Top 10 Cool Toys.'



Cowboy Bebop, the stylish, modern, science fiction anime currently being shown on Cartoon Network, took the top spot this month.  The beginning of the mammoth format conversion of Ranma ? takes the second position with the Ranma ? Digital Dogo -- Complete First Season DVD Set.   The perennially strong Robotech took the third spot.  The other seven Top 10 Cool Anime products were a disparate group of single disk products.  Battle of the Planets repeated, a rare event illustrating the strength of the property (see 'G-Force Back with a Vengeance').  Only one was a movie release, the others were all TV series.  See 'Top 10 Cool Anime.'



The new Lord of the Rings CCG from Decipher took two of the top ten slots this month, including #1.  The only two products repeating from October were Magic the Gathering:  Odyssey boosters at #2 and Pokemon New Revelation boosters at #4.  The DBZ Cell Saga Starters and Boosters took two slots.  The Star Wars CCG, Mage Knight Whirlwind, and Harry Potter Quidditch Expansion each took one slot.  Songs and Silence, a D&D softcover, was the only RPG product in the top ten.  See 'Top 10 Cool Games.'



9/11-themed Amazing Spider-Man #36 took the top slot this month, powered by a strong Marvel PR push (see 'No Standalone Reprint of Amazing Spider-Man #36').  There must have been a lot of advance reorder action for Amazing Spider-Man #36 to come in ahead of Origin #3 in dollars, because the dollars in pre-orders were over twice as great for Origin (see 'Top 300 Comics -- October').  Marvel took eight of the top 10 slots.  The exceptions were DC's Wonder Woman:  Spirit of Truth and Image's G.I. Joe #2 (see 'G.I. Joe #2 Sells Out').  See 'Top 10 Cool Comics.'



A mix of modern and retro, TV and movie, disc and paper make up the Top 10 Cool movie and tv products in November.  DVDs of current TV series X-Files, Sopranos, Simpsons (a repeat), and Farscape took the #1, #2, #5, and #6 slots this month.  Planet of the Apes took the #3 and #9 slots with the TV series collection and movie DVD, respectively.  The Rankin and Bass holiday collection took #4.  The Star Trek Movie DVD with lots of extras is at #7.  Paper products rounded out the bottom of the list, with the LOTR book sets and the Stargate SG-1 Calendar at #8 and #10.  See 'Top 10 Cool Movie/TV Products.'